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Competencies for the CNE Exam

HomeNewsAcademic ResourcesCompetencies for the CNE Exam
HomeNewsAcademic ResourcesCompetencies for the CNE Exam

Competencies for the CNE Exam

OADN values the role of the educator. Being an effective educator can impact students and their patients for decades. It is for this reason that we promote professional certification as an educator. Obtaining the certification as a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) denotes your dedication to your practice as a nurse educator. Over the course of several months, the Education and Research Committee will post each of the 6 Competencies as identified in the Detailed Test Blueprint for the CNE Examination. These posts are brief summaries of where to focus your study for the competency with some tips for practical application in your role as nurse educator.

The CNE 2014 Candidate Handbook provides an in-depth explanation of certification and the test blueprint. Here faculty will learn about the 150 item exam, the purpose of the exam, and how to qualify to take the exam. 

Download Certification for Nurse Educators Handbook

CNE Major Content Area 1:  Facilitate Learning
CNE Major Content Area 2:  Facilitate Learner Development and Socialization
CNE Major Content Area 3:  Use Assessment and Evaluation Strategies
CNE Major Content Area 4:  Participate in Curriculum Design and Evaluation of Program Outcomes
CNE Major Content Area 6:  Pursue Continuous Quality Improvement in the Nurse Educator Role

Coming Articles:
CNE Major Content Area 5:  Function as a Change Agent and Leader
CNE Major Content Area 7:  Engage in Scholarship
CNE Major Content Area 8:  Function Within the Educational Environment



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