Message from the President, June 2017

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HomeNewsCEO MessageMessage from the President, June 2017

Message from the President, June 2017


Christy 124c160Dear OADN Members:

Well, the semester is over for most of us and now it is time to breath! Another class done, another set of grades completed, and another group of nursing graduates that we anxiously await to hear about their NCLEX results. This time of year is a time of celebration and joy for many of our students, as they have completed their entry-into-practice nursing education, a goal many students worked years on accomplishing. While many have thought to say ‘thank you’ many more have not..........and those students will realize much later in their careers how much you, as their nursing educator, have given them. Because of you, a new group of nurses have the knowledge, skills and abilities to care for patients and impact lives.

As I think back over my nursing education career, I realize there are many I also forgot to thank for what they contributed to my development as a nurse and a nurse educator. The nursing faculty member who made me so nervous the first time I made a bed in the practice lab (yes, I am that old, we practiced making beds!), and yet she was incredibly kind to the new nursing student, thus teaching me kindness and professionalism. Or the nursing faculty member who rescued me when I took care of my first post-operative patient and tangled up the IV line and patient gown into quite a remarkable knot. She taught me how to remain professional in front of a patient, regardless of the situation (knowing now as a nursing faculty member, she probably just wanted to laugh at the colossal knot I had created). Or when I failed my first nursing exam, the faculty member who sat with me and discussed how to move forward. She taught me that it was okay to make a mistake and that it was what you learned from it, the accountability you took for your actions, and how you moved forward that mattered.

To the graduate faculty member who patiently and expertly not only discussed the role of research and evidence in nursing, but also steered a small group of novice nurse researches through their first project and resulting poster presentation and article. Because of you, I am to create and present a poster, write an article and truly understand nursing research. Or the graduate faculty member who taught the class on nursing theorists, making it relevant and applicable to nursing practice. Because of you, I still find nursing theory fascinating, and can help my nursing students see the relevance. And the multiple faculty who taught the many nursing statistics courses I took; it was never my favorite topic, but because of all of you I not only learned perseverance, but also learned to truly appreciate data and the application of data analysis.

To all of these nursing faculty members and many more I now say ‘thank you’. It truly does take a village and this is never more true than when educating nurses. And know that your students, whether they told you or not upon graduation day, are thanking you often during their nursing career-whether they know it or not.

Happy Summer everyone,

Christy Dryer, DNP, RN, CNE





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