Message from the CEO, February 2018

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Message from the CEO, February 2018

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Dear OADN Members:

This past month many of you voted on the updated OADN mission and vision, as well as additional by-laws revisions. I want to acknowledge and thank you for your support of these significant modifications. I am very excited about these changes, as well as the strategic direction that the OADN Board of Directors developed to continue advancing the national presence of OADN. The OADN Board of Directors worked intensively to analyze OADN’s priorities as we continue to accelerate the importance of the pathway of Associate Degree Nursing education and its impact on the health and wellbeing of our communities. The Board has made decisions that will shape and guide OADN over the next two years. The two year time frame was purposeful so OADN can continue to be dynamic and relevant. In the fast pace world of today, it is imperative for an organization to be flexible and adapt to the many changes that are continually occurring. This is extremely important for our membership and I applaud the OADN Board of Directors for their effort. 

As the only national nursing organization that solely advocates for Associate Degree Nursing, I am pleased to share the 2018-2020 Strategic Priorities.

  • Education: Advance the promotion of best practices in nursing education and academic progression.
  • Advocacy: Ensure Associate Degree Nursing’s voice in education and health care
  • Leadership: Develop leaders to promote meaningful change.
  • Inclusivity: Leverage the diversity of Associate Degree Nursing education to foster inclusion in health care.
  • Collaboration: Promote Associate Degree Nursing quality, education, and practice through collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders.

Additionally, the OADN Board of Directors formulated three focus areas that over the next two years additional time and energy will be put forth. These focus areas are:

  • Advancing the membership
  • Advocating for nursing education
  • Promoting collaboration

As you review the vision, mission, strategic priorities, and focus areas there is a common core theme of collaboration. OADN is willing to work together in a spirit of collaboration for the ultimate benefit of improved health to our communities. We will move forward by incorporating the values of: equity & inclusion, authenticity, visionary, and excellence & innovation. These values are the guiding principles and ethical foundation for OADN.

This is a vital direction for OADN as “the leader in dynamic and collaborative nursing education,” and I look forward to sharing the next two years with you.


My very best,



Donna Meyer, MSN, RN, ANEF, FAADN