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Message from the Leadership, September 2018

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Dear OADN Members,

I am pleased this month to highlight the Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society and introduce Board Member, Nancy Perry who is the Board Liaison.  Nancy has done outstanding work this past year on revision of the application, renewal form and answering member questions.  Additionally, I want to acknowledge the Illinois Chapter (IOADN) who graciously agreed to allow OADN to move the IOADN Honor Society to the national level in 2012.  Pam Mammano from Illinois worked tirelessly on this project and continues to assist with this work.  Additionally, Harriet McClung from the national office has been instrumental in keeping records and answering questions.  It gives me great pleasure to share Nancy’s message with you.




Donna Meyer, MSN, RN, ANEF, FAADN



Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society Update

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Did you know that Alpha Delta Nu has more than 140 chapters- a chapter in every state except for Hawaii? Since the inception of the first chapter in 2012, Alpha Delta Nu chapters have grown exponential

The Alpha Delta Nu By-Laws state the minimum standards are: earned grade of B or better in each nursing class, no previous failures of any nursing class, and demonstrated conduct on campus and the clinical areas that reflect integrity and professionalism. However, chapters can set additional requirements. Students must continue to earn B or better grades in all nursing courses and have completed an educational or recruitment OADN recognizes the academic excellence of students in the study of Associate Degree Nursing (ADN), Anecdotal reports maintain that graduates of ADN programs, who are also Alpha Delta Nu members, are hired over those graduates who are not members. ADN programs value the Honor Society!

The inductees complete an educational or recruitment project before full membership. Students self-govern their chapter and elect officers to guide the organization along with their faculty advisor. Nursing students are very creative and they apply the art of nursing to these projects. The following provides some examples of service projects:

  • Madisonville Community College Epsilon Tau chapter participated in planning, preparing, and contacting vendors for donations for the Hopkins County Relay for Life Survivors luncheon. The students gathered donations and organized the luncheon, where they served food to cancer survivors and their caregivers.
  • Owens Community College Pi Chapter support Tent City, which is an annual event focusing on the homeless population in the Toledo, Ohio area. The students raised over $1000 to purchase and make items for the homeless guests participating at the event.
  • Muskegon Community College Gamma Psi chapter conducted a bone marrow drive through, an international bone donor registry. The students registered 61 people to the bone marrow registry.
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville Alpha Lambda Ro chapter held a “Crayon Initiative.” They collected small crayons and submitted them to be made into large crayons for children with disabilities.
  • Carroll Community College Alpha Alpha chapter had a “Tea” with retired nurses and current students.

In coming months please review the Alpha Delta Nu page for more outstanding projects!

Students are fully inducted into the Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society chapter at their school once they have completed their educational or recruitment project. Induction ceremonies are as varied as are projects. Some schools have a separate ceremony specifically for induction, while other schools hold the induction as part of their pinning or graduation ceremonies. Students are awarded a pin and an honor cord, and are very proud to wear these at graduation or pinning to signify their accomplishments.

If your program is interested in offering a chapter of Alpha Delta Nu, the school must be an agency member of OADN, and in compliance with your State Board of Nursing regulations. For more information, the OADN webpage contains the most current information or feel free to reach out to Nancy Perry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Nancy Perry, DNP, RN, CNE

Board Liaison, Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society