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Message from the CEO, January 2020


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Dear OADN Members:

As we close on 2019, we reflect together on OADN’s many successes this year. Most importantly, that one year ago OADN became an independent nursing association. This was a monumental and necessary step for OADN to continue the growth that it has experienced in the last few years. The transition has gone very well with the assistance of a dedicated Board of Directors and staff. Moreover, this successful transition could not have been possible without the crucial support from each of you. OADN membership has grown 58% since May 2018. This remarkable growth will only continue to impact the importance of the ADN pathway. It is OADN’s responsibility is to assert the basic truth that without this pathway healthcare access in our country would be compromised. A strong and growing membership helps ensure that policymakers, the public, and others understand that associate degree nursing programs offer high-quality education with the interest of patient safety and quality care as the priority. 

Over the past year, OADN has represented and advocated for ADN programs in over 60 high-level meetings at the national and state levels. This strategic advocacy allows OADN to be influential and provide a meaningful contribution in numerous arenas. A highlight was the honor of providing testimony on behalf of OADN to the Future of Nursing 2020-2030 Committee, which emphasized the important role of associate degree nursing (ADN) programs. In December, OADN provided written comments to the Committee that once again emphasize leveraging the role of our nation’s community colleges in addressing the social determinants of health and healthcare access. 

As we celebrate past accomplishments, however, we must now turn to the future and 2020. In many ways the year 2020 appears very futuristic and aligns well with OADN’s mission “to provide visionary leadership in nursing education to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities.” Additionally, the World Health Assembly, the governing body of the World Health Organization, declared 2020 the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, in honor of the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. This focused celebration will provide a platform to recognize past and present nurse leaders globally, raise the visibility of the nursing profession in policy dialogue and invest in the development and increased capacity of the nursing workforce.

A major focus for OADN this year will be on leadership with a convention theme of Vision 2020: ADN Educators Leading the Way. However, this work will touch programs and projects beyond convention, too, as we are planning to concentrate on leadership development in a variety of ways from the OADN Board of Directors to faculty, and deans and directors of the ADN programs. I encourage you to read the OADN newsletters and watch for upcoming information in this regard. 

I look forward to 2020 as we continue to work together to safeguard the ADN pathway and ensure it remains a choice and valued entry point into the profession of registered nursing. My commitment to each of you is that OADN will continue to advocate alongside you for the future of ADN education.

To each of you, I wish you good health and all the blessings that life has to offer in 2020.