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Message from the CEO, May 2020


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Dear OADN Members:

In previous years May was a month that provided a flurry of celebrations and traditions. It was a time when nursing graduates were excited to walk across the stage to receive their diploma marking the first step in their journey into the nursing profession. They were so proud to receive their school nursing pins as rite of passage into the profession. Just as proud were faculty and administration with another successful graduating class entering the nursing workforce to provide healthcare to the community! Who would ever have imagined that 2020, the Year of the Nurse, would bring so many challenges to our profession?

The last months have been unprecedented for the nursing profession, academia, and our personal lives. However, what is more evident than ever is the resiliency of nurses no matter what their role. My heart has been saddened as I observed nurses on the frontlines without Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). OADN was very successful in the call to action for donations of PPE. I send thoughts of appreciation and gratitude for those who could help. I know for some it was not possible, but I also know your heart was in the right place in wanting to help. I applaud every nursing administrator and faculty for the intense amount of innovation and amazing effort you have accomplished in these past couple months to transition to the virtual teaching/learning platform. This is no easy task in a profession such as nursing and I encourage you to step back, take a deep breath, and take credit for all you have undertaken to assist your nursing students. You have been there for them in so many ways, whether it be to teach, listen, or lend that virtual hug. 

I intentionally want to make this a shorter message as I know your time is extremely valuable. As we Celebrate the Year of the Nurse and Midwife and Nurse’s Week I have thought often on my own journey as a nurse. Recently while doing some cleaning and reorganizing, and I found my nurses cap. My mind was immediately flooded with memories of my career as a nurse. I have often been asked if I had ever aspired to do something else with my life. Initially when I began my educational journey, I had a strong desire to be a veterinarian. For many reasons that did not transpire. I know now I chose the right profession for I am so very proud to be a nurse.

Let us all celebrate together to be part of the one the most critical, dynamic, and important professions! Here is to each of you for all you do now and in the future. 

Please take care of yourself and celebrate the most important credential we all share, REGISTERED NURSE!