OADN is pleased to announce the partnership with “Why Wound Care.”

HomeNewsOADN NewsOADN is pleased to announce the partnership with “Why Wound Care.”
HomeNewsOADN NewsOADN is pleased to announce the partnership with “Why Wound Care.”

OADN is pleased to announce the partnership with “Why Wound Care.”

October 20, 2016: HMP Announces Alliance with OADN!

HMP Communications Holdings, LLC, (HMP) a leading provider of healthcare content and continuing medical education, today announced a partnership with OADN, the national body dedicated to enhancing the quality of Associate Degree Nursing education and strengthening the professional role of the Associate Degree Nurse, to promote the resources of the Why Wound Care?™ (WWC?) initiative.“Why Wound Care?™ is proud to be named a partner of the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing," said Peter Norris, executive vice president, HMP Communications.

“The field of nursing is at a critical juncture. An aging U.S. population plus a wave of experienced nurses entering retirement have combined to create a significant shortage. That shortage is expected to reach more than 800,000 nurses by the year 2020, creating a high demand for nurses who specialize in wound care. The OADN partnership is a great fit because it will significantly extend our ability to promote the complimentary WWC? educational resources to OADN student and faculty members.”

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September 27, 2016

Launched in 2015 by HMP Communications, the Why Wound Care? TM campaign was developed to educate nursing students about the growing need for — and critical importance of — specialized wound care nurses and encourages nursing graduates to pursue additional training to become wound care certified.

The current shortage of specialized wound care nurses greatly increases the risk of substandard care for patients who are at risk for the development of wounds or wound-related complications. Currently, chronic wounds (including pressure ulcers, foot ulcers in people with diabetes mellitus, and venous insufficiency ulcers) affect approximately 6.5 million Americans annually. This number is expected to rise as the population ages and with increases in the prevalence of diabetes and obesity.

The Why Wound Care? TM campaign is aimed at both increasing awareness and delivering education. The campaign seeks to collaborate with nursing programs at universities throughout the country, to elevate visibility for the specialty and tell the story about careers in wound care. Why Wound Care? TM will provide nursing students and faculty with educational resources for integrating wound prevention and care into nursing curricula. The Why Wound Care? TM website gives nursing students, recent graduates, and nursing faculty access to a wealth of information and resources, including free instructional courses and discounts on continuing education events.

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