Conducting Safe Clinicals and Labs During COVID-19


Industry Partners Work Group Letter

The letter listed below was created by members of the Industry Partners Work Group to be used as a template for seeking support and facilitating academic-practice partnerships in your state or region.   The innovative strategy for academic-practice partnerships will assist in meeting the high demand for academic and workforce needs.

OADN COVID Task Force: Lab Safety Guidelines

The Covid Task Force provided this document an example of on-campus, lab safety guidelines for consideration during COVID-19. Please feel free to save this template and customize as needed for use by your program/school.

Practice/Academic Partnership During The COVID-19 Crisis

Developed in conjunction with NCSBN and other national nursing organizations.

Screening for Symptoms Letter

Developed by the Infectious Disease Council and Seyfarth Shaw law firm.

CastleBranch Roll Call to Help Protect Educators

OADN advocates to secure no-cost access for all healthcare educators.

No-Cost Access to COVID-19 Screening Solution

Until Vaccines Become Widely Available: OADN advocated to provide all Associate Degree Nursing Programs with an essential service—a way to fight back against COVID-19. Learn more!