Amplifying The Voice of Associate Degree Nursing in Education Policy and Healthcare

What we seek to accomplish

  • Ensure that policy makers understand the important role of associate degree nursing programs in providing access to safe, quality nursing care across the country.
  • Collaborate with other organizations and influential leaders to create opportunities and advancement for nurse educators and associate degree graduates.
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in the nursing workforce to improve health equity for patients and communities.

A Place at the Table:
OADN Leads the Effort for
Associate Degree Nursing

OADN’s purpose is to ensure that the voice of associate degree nursing is heard and represented in anywhere that decisions are made that affect our programs, faculty, and students.

We have made great strides in recent years. Leaders in government, non-profit organizations, and industry now seek out the counsel and input of associate degree nursing. OADN will continue to see that associate degree nursing is respected, equitably resourced, and recognized for our contributions to the health and welfare of the nation.

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Latest News

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