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OADN Virtual Simulation Reviews

Answering the call of members, OADN organized a team of leaders, nursing faculty, and simulationists to develop this free database – its goal to assist faculty with identifying virtual simulation options.

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Next Gen NCLEX®

Need NCLEX competency examples for use in the classroom? Explore these resources with new content added each month!

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Resource Name Topic Format
Next Gen Tips and Tricks Next Gen NCLEX® Webinar
Thought Leadership Series – Webinars Thought Leadership Series Webinar
OADN Toolkit: Incorporating Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Associate Degree Nursing Education Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Page
DEI in Simulation Webinars Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Simulation Webinar
NGN Webinar Series – Presented by OADN & Sigma Next Gen NCLEX® Webinar
OADN Brochure Membership Resources Page
Virtual Simulation Reviews Simulation Page
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Purpose and Definitions Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Page
Free Vascular Access Curriculum Now Available to Associate Degree Nursing Programs Skills Acquisition Resources Webinar
Apprenticeship & Nursing Education – An Innovative Strategy for Transition to Practice Transition to Practice Webinar
National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing’s National Survey Findings Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Page
National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing Foundational Report Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Page
Policy Statement: Dissemination of Non-scientific and Misleading COVID-19 Information by Nurses Advocacy & Position Statements, COVID-19 Position Statement
Trends in Nursing Academic Progression: Empowering Nurses to Navigate the Future – A Publication of NEPIN Academic Progression Page
Next Generation NCLEX® News Quarterly from NCSBN Next Gen NCLEX® Page
OADN Racial and Social Equity Position Statement: Announcement Webinar & Discussion Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Webinar
Future of Nursing 2020-2030: Special Presentation for OADN Members Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Webinar
Policy Brief: Clinical Experiences for Unvaccinated Nursing Students Advocacy & Position Statements, COVID-19 Position Statement
Care Plan Guides in Your Curriculum – A Strategy for Enhancing Clinical Judgement Next Gen NCLEX®, QSEN Webinar
EHR: The Importance of Documenting Nursing Assessments QSEN Page
Leadership Webinars Leadership Webinar
OADN Joins Major Organizations in Support of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for All Workers in Health and Long-Term Care Advocacy & Position Statements, COVID-19 Position Statement
OADN Position Paper on Racial and Social Equity Advocacy & Position Statements, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Position Statement
Netiquette for the Classroom COVID-19, Faculty Development Webinar
Testing Next Gen NCLEX® Next Gen NCLEX® Page
Teaching Next Gen NCLEX® Next Gen NCLEX® Page
Overview: Next Gen NCLEX® & Clinical Judgment Measurement Model Next Gen NCLEX® Page
17th Annual NACNEP Report to Congress: Preparing Nurse Faculty and Addressing the Shortage of Nurse Faculty and Clinical Preceptors Advocacy & Position Statements Page
Safer Labs and Clincials During Covid-19: Evidence & Literature to Support Mitigating Strategies COVID-19 Page
Virtual Simulation During COVID-19 Simulation Page
Writing for Publication 101 Faculty Development, Leadership Webinar
Clinical Learning Opportunities with the American Red Cross Red Cross Learning Opportunities Webinar
Nurse Educators in Washington State Issue Recommendations in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic COVID-19 Page
QSEN Competency #6: Quality Improvement QSEN Page
QSEN Competency #5: Informatics QSEN Page
QSEN Competency #4: Evidence Based Practice (EBP) QSEN Page
QSEN Competency #3: Safety QSEN Page
QSEN Competency #2: Teamwork and Collaboration QSEN Page
Online Teaching Toolkit for COVID 19 COVID-19 Page
QSEN Competency #1: Patient-Centered Care QSEN Page
OADN and the ACEN Release Regulatory Guidance Accreditation, Regulation Webinar
Practice/Academic Partnership During The COVID-19 Crisis – Policy Brief and Webinar Advocacy & Position Statements, COVID-19 Webinar
OADN Position Statement on Accreditation Accreditation, Advocacy & Position Statements Position Statement
OADN Position Statement on Academic Progression Academic Progression, Advocacy & Position Statements Position Statement
OADN’s Written Testimony To The Future Of Nursing 2020-2030 Committee Advocacy & Position Statements Position Statement
Social Determinants of Health Fact Sheet Advocacy & Position Statements, Faculty Development Position Statement
OADN Position Statement on Transition to Practice Advocacy & Position Statements, Transition to Practice Position Statement
OADN Position Statement on Population Health and Population Health Management Advocacy & Position Statements Position Statement
Statement of ANA and OADN Joint Position: Academic Progression to Meet the Needs of the Registered Nurse, the Health Care Consumer, and the U.S. Health Care System Academic Progression, Advocacy & Position Statements Position Statement
Joint Statement on Academic Progression for Nursing Students and Graduates Academic Progression, Accreditation Position Statement
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