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Welcome Alpha Delta Nu Faculty Advisers and Staff!

OADN is excited to launch the new Alpha Delta Nu Scholar Database starting in 2023.  This first-of-its-kind resource affords all Alpha Delta Nu inductees the opportunity to showcase their academic and leadership achievements through inclusion in this exclusive national directory.

Please encourage your students to participate in this important benefit. This centralized database is publicly accessible on the Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society landing page and allows your students’ future employers and academic programs to verify their induction into the organization.


Please note:

  • Sigma Theta Tau will also use the directory to verify the status of any Alpha Delta Nu inductee seeking accelerated membership into Sigma.
  • Individual student contact information will not be published in the directory.
  • Students are not required to participate in the directory and may have their listing removed at any time by contacting oadn@oadn.org.
  • Only Alpha Delta Nu faculty advisers or their designated staff are permitted to upload inductee information into the database. Do not share this page link or upload instructions with students or anyone outside of your department’s faculty or staff.
  • Alpha Delta Nu inductees are not required to hold a personal or student membership in OADN in order to be included in the directory.
  • Students who have purchased a membership with OADN are only included in the directory if they have been inducted into Alpha Delta Nu.
  • Only honor society chapters that are in good standing with OADN may publish to the directory. Please refer to the honor society’s bylaws if you are unsure about your chapter’s standing, or contact Harriet.McClung@oadn.org.
  • You may upload historical inductee information going back to the inception of your chapter.
  • Please do not upload a spreadsheet more than once, unless you receive an error message indicating that the upload was not successful.
  • Please do not include the same student information on multiple spreadsheet uploads.  Once you have uploaded specific information, it should not be included on future spreadsheets that you upload. For example, information uploaded in 2023 does not need to be resubmitted in 2024.
  • Please feel free to submit multiple uploads of new information more than once per year. For example, if you induct students twice per year or identify historical information that wasn’t included in your initial upload.

Please download the template below, delete the example information, enter your inducted students information in each column (student name, chapter name, semester/term of induction, year of induction, college name, and state abbreviation), and then upload the spreadsheet.  OADN staff will review the submitted information before it is published to the directory.

Accepted file types: csv, Max. file size: 50 MB.

Note: Before uploading a CSV file here, please make sure you use our template here.