2024 Call For Nominations: Board Of Directors & Nominating Committee

May 14, 2024




Dear OADN Members,

Are you looking for an opportunity to share your passion for nursing education?  As the only national organization exclusively advocating for community college nursing education and the associate degree pathway, OADN needs your unique talents, perspectives, and expertise to help strengthen our collective voice for associate degree nursing education. OADN membership is one of the most meaningful ways we show our support for one another, create community, promote our continual learning and growth, protect our shared interests and values, and strengthen our professional identity together. Serving at the national level on the OADN Board of Directors or Nominating Committee offers an opportunity to enhance your own member experience with OADN and create a lasting impact on associate degree nursing education.

We currently have three (4) open positions on the OADN Board of Directors: At-Large Director (any region); Director, Western Region; Director, Northeast Region; and Director, Southwest Region. In addition, there is one (1) open position on the OADN Nominating Committee.

The term for Regional Directors is two years. Board positions take effect at the upcoming OADN Convention, October 31st – November 2nd, 2024. Board Directors, including all officers, regional directors, public directors, and the at-large director, shall participate in developing and implementing the strategic plan, serve as Board Liaisons to committees and workgroups, and carry out other responsibilities as delegated by the Board of Directors. Regional Directors shall be residents of the designated regions, respectively. Board commitment includes attendance at monthly virtual meetings and 2 face-to-face meetings, funded by OADN, at locations to be determined annually. 

The term of service for the Nominating Committee Member is two years. Nominating Committee members review and recommend candidates for offices to the Board of Directors in accordance with OADN Bylaws and an established timeline. The Nominating Committee meets via virtual meetings. This committee is a great leadership opportunity to expand your involvement with OADN.

The Annual Call for Nominations process is hosted on Survey Monkey. Click here to complete the required candidate application. If you don’t have a Survey Monkey account, please create a free account and follow the instructions to complete all online application components. The 2024 OADN Call for Nominations Application Submission Deadline is July 15, 2024.

On a personal note, I have developed professionally through my individual and organizational membership of OADN, which has provided multiple opportunities to learn and network with others across the country. Please consider running for one of the open 2024 OADN Board of Director or Nominating Committee positions and/or look for other ways to become more involved in OADN.  Doing so will advance community college nursing education and the associate degree pathway. OADN has been and will continue to be our champion and trusted resource in nursing education. OADN needs your help to further our important advocacy work for associate degree nursing. Together, we can support OADN’s vision of expanding networks that promote leadership, collaboration, and advocacy, further enriching associate degree nursing education and the communities we serve.


Jennifer E. Smith, RN, MSN, MBA, CV-BC, CNE
2024 Chair
OADN Nominating Committee 

Candidate Online Application Checklist

  • Candidate Statement: Max. 250 words (Uploaded in Survey Monkey).
  • Candidate Letter of Support: Submit one (1) letter of support from a colleague for the candidate’s nomination.
  • Candidate Letter of Support from College President or Dean (Required for candidates applying for a Board of Director position ONLY): Submit one (1) letter of support from your college President or Dean acknowledging the time commitment for monthly virtual meetings and two (2) face-to-face meetings per year.
  • Candidate Professional Resume or CV: Submit your current curriculum vitae (CV) or professional resume.
  • Candidate Headshot Photo: Submit an electronic photo of your headshot for inclusion with the ballot. Candidate headshot should be between 400 x 400 at a minimum, to 7,680 (w) x 4,320 (h) in PNG or JPEG file. 

Incomplete applications or late submissions will not be accepted. Please carefully review all application instructions in the Survey Monkey. For additional questions regarding the 2022 OADN Call for Nominations, please contact Mary Dickow, Director of Leadership Development, at mary.dickow@oadn.org.