OADN Voices: February Leadership Message

February 2, 2024

Cultivating Moments That Matter with the OADN Leadership Institute

Dear OADN Members,

A book I am currently reading, The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath, inspired my thinking about this leadership message. In the book, the authors discuss strategies to create meaningful moments rather than leaving them to chance. The strategies noted in the book support increasing impact by intentionally creating “moments of elevation, insight, pride, and connection.” Reflecting on the readings and strategies shared in the book, I see opportunities to create moments that matter in leading Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) education, particularly regarding academic nurse leadership development.

Recently published nursing literature describing the urgency of the workforce shortage of academic nurse leaders and the need for leadership competency development (Apen et al., 2021; Birkhead et al., 2024; & NCSBN, 2023) got me excited about the opportunity offered through the OADN Leadership Institute. The structure and content covered through the OADN Leadership Institute include strategies to cultivate moments that matter while developing the leadership competencies identified in the published research that are needed for effective academic nurse leaders.

The OADN Leadership Institute creates connections through a community of learners in a cohort-based program of emerging nursing education directors and faculty. This program provides participants with competencies and skills to lead advances in ADN education. I encourage you to consider this unique program offering to explore your next steps to becoming a more confident, influential leader. For experienced nursing program directors, as part of program succession planning, consider sponsoring faculty to ensure quality nursing education during leadership transitions.

Highlights of the OADN Leadership Institute include:

  • Virtual seminars – ½ day (4 hours) sessions designed to advance participant’s skills and competencies
  • Creation of a personal leadership development plan – to set and track current and future goals
  • Mentorship Experience – participants will meet regularly with identified mentors

The application cycle for the next OADN Leadership Institute cohort is open through February 23, 2024: Apply Here!

For Leadership Institute questions, please contact Mary Dickow, Director of Leadership Development, at mary.dickow@oadn.org.

I am honored to be a part of OADN, an association actively committed to creating impact through meaningful moments in ADN education. As an OADN member or prospective member, I hope you will leverage the resources offered through OADN, including applying or sponsoring participation in the upcoming Leadership Institute cohorts.

As you progress through this academic term, I wish you continued success and many opportunities to cultivate moments that matter for you as a nurse leader, your ADN programs, and the students you serve.

With Gratitude,

Lynette V. Apen, DNP, RN, CNS, CNE
OADN President-elect




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