2024 Update: Eta Gamma Chapter at Mott Community College

July 2, 2024

Our chapter is small but very active. Students accepted into the honor society are committed to supporting the community and our fellow students. To best meet this criterion for our chapter, we have been offering free tutoring and support services two days a week since the start of our chapter in 2019. Our idea was that if we can help our current students reach their goal of becoming nurses, we are helping both Mott Community College students and the community since most of them will work in the Flint area after graduation.

Through a collaborative effort with Versiti Blood Centers, the Mott Community College Alpha Delta Nu Chapter collected enough blood products to save 150 lives! This allowed students to give back to the community in a new way. The students enjoyed this opportunity, and we are expanding on this project to increase this partnership to sponsor three blood drives per year.

Mott Blood Drive Table