Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Among ADN Nurse Educators

September 9, 2021

You are invited to participate in a study exploring faculty knowledge, skills, and attitudes about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) task force at the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing request your voluntary participation in a new research study. The study titled Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Among ADN Nurse Educators, takes the first step to understanding ADN faculty’s current foundation of DEI knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The findings can potentially be used to make recommendations about DEI content in the ADN curriculum, professional development needs, and how best to implement these changes in practice.






You are eligible to participate in this study if you meet the following criteria:

  • Current Registered Nurse (RN) license
  • At least one year of experience teaching in nursing education
  • And you are currently working at least part-time in an Associate Degree in Nursing program as a nurse educator
  • With the ability to read and write in English
  • Must be age 18 or older

Survey Access

Please complete the survey using this survey link:

The survey link will take you to the informed consent document and further details about your involvement in the study. You are not obligated to participate, and you can withdraw at any time. The survey will not ask for your name, employer name or any other identifiable information and your individual responses will be collected anonymously and will be kept confidential. Only aggregate data from the study will be shared.



If you’re unsure if you meet the requirements, or have questions about this study, please contact:

Anna Valdez, Ph.D., RN

Primary Investigator


This study was approved by Sonoma State University – IRB #3203. If you have questions about the rights as a human subject contact