Message from the Leadership – April 2022: Call for Nominations

April 1, 2022

Dear OADN Members,

We need your voice! As the only national organization exclusively advocating for community college nursing education and the associate degree pathway, OADN needs your unique talents, perspectives, and expertise to help strengthen our collective voice for associate degree nursing education. OADN membership is one of the most meaningful ways we show our support for one another, create community with each other, promote our continual learning and growth, protect our shared interests and values, and strengthen our professional identity together. Serving at the national level on the OADN Board of Directors or Nominating Committee offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only enhance your own member experience with OADN but also create a lasting impact for associate degree nursing education.

We currently have four (4) open positions on the OADN Board of Directors: Northeast Regional Director, Southwest Regional Director, Western Regional Director, and At-Large Director. In addition, there are two (2) open positions on the OADN Nominating Committee.

The term of service for the (3) Regional Director is two years. The term of service for (1) At-Large Director is two years. Board positions take effect at the OADN Convention, November 18 – 20, 2022. Board Directors, including all officers, regional directors, public directors, and the at-large director, shall participate in the development and implementation of the strategic plan, serve as Board Liaisons to committees and workgroups, and shall carry out other responsibilities as delegated by the Board of Directors. Regional Directors shall be residents of the designated regions, respectively. Board commitment includes attendance on monthly virtual meetings and 3 face-to-face meetings, funded by OADN, at locations to be determined annually.

The term of service for the (2) Nominating Committee Members is two years. Nominating Committee members review and recommend candidates for offices to the Board of Directors in accordance with OADN Bylaws and an established timeline. The Nominating Committee meets via virtual meetings.

NEW FOR 2022 – To streamline the Annual Call for Nominations process this year, OADN has changed platforms to Survey Monkey Apply to complete the required candidate application. If you don’t have a Survey Monkey account, please create a free account, and follow the instructions to complete all components of the online application when the Call for Nominations opens on April 15th. The 2022 OADN Call for Nominations Application Submission Deadline is June 15, 2022.

We can always count on OADN to be our staunch champion and most trusted resource during these ever-changing, demanding times. Now more than ever, OADN needs your help to continue our important advocacy work for associate degree nursing. I encourage you to consider running for one of the open 2022 OADN Board of Director or Nominating Committee positions and help us advance community college nursing education and the associate degree pathway. Together, we can support OADN’s vision of expanding networks that promote leadership, collaboration and advocacy that further enrich associate degree nursing education and the communities we serve.

Thank you,

Amy Simons, MSN, RN, 2022 Chair
OADN Nominating Committee