Message from the Leadership – January 2023 : Donna Meyer Welcomes New OADN CEO Dr. Rick García

January 9, 2023

As the new year begins, I find myself reflecting on the past while contemplating all that lies ahead in the future. This year, in particular, marks a significant transition for me as I step away from my role as OADN Chief Executive Officer. As I have said many times over the last few months, it has been an honor to serve this incredible organization and humbly represent all of you. I endeavored to lead with a collegial approach, listening to all points of view, developing strategic partnerships, and creating an environment of cohesion that allowed OADN to speak with a unified, powerful voice. This approach paved the way for greater collaboration among education and practice, along with innovative programs to support our advocacy efforts and leadership development. Advocating for associate degree nursing education is my passion and representing all of you as OADN’s inaugural CEO has certainly been the highlight of my professional career. I would like to thank the OADN Board of Directors and staff, as well as each of you, for your support. The hard work we have done together has reinforced our collective vision and will continue to strengthen our impact in the future. Nursing education has embraced immense change over the past few years with determination, courage, and resiliency. I have no doubt it will continue to advance and adapt to what lies ahead. I look forward to not only a new year, but the next chapter in OADN’s remarkable history.


It is my great pleasure to welcome this next chapter by introducing the new OADN Chief Executive Officer, Rick García, PhD, RN, CCM, FAAOHN, FNYAM, FAADN. Dr. García’s personal journey as an associate degree nursing (ADN) graduate provides him with a keen understanding and passion for the ADN pathway. His exemplary background in education, regulation, and association management along with a proven track record of exceptional leadership and advocacy for nursing education make him the perfect individual to lead OADN. Dr. García embodies the values of inclusivity, authenticity, and collaboration that have guided OADN over the years. I feel extremely fortunate to have this rare opportunity to introduce my successor and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the OADN Board of Directors for their thoughtful consideration and selection of Dr. García, who I unequivocally support in this critically important role. I have known Dr. García for some time, and I am excited to pass the baton over to such an amazing individual. This will be a transformational year for OADN, and I look forward to seeing all the wonderful work that will occur under Dr. García’s leadership.

We are all frequently reminded of the fragility and preciousness of life, and so as I conclude my final message to you, I would like to wish each of you good health and all the blessings that life has to offer in this new year and beyond. I would also like to thank you for the opportunity to represent you. It has been an honor. You will forever remain a cherished part of my professional journey.



CEO Emeritus, OADN