Message from the President, December 2020

December 1, 2020

Dear OADN Members:

As I write my first message to you as your newly elected President, I feel excited and at the same time overwhelmed. I am truly humbled and honored to be representing OADN as President for the next two years. While I am not sure what challenges are on the horizon, I do hope you can find some normalcy in the weeks ahead.

During my time on the OADN Board of Directors, I have had the opportunity to learn about OADN’s governance in preparation for my role as President and follow my passion of academic progression. I believe it is very important for all nurses to have the opportunity to advance their education. Academic progression provides the knowledge, clinical expertise, and confidence to reach dreams that might seem unattainable. Advancing our education helps us develop the wisdom we need to work with our patients, their family and support systems, our students, and coworkers.

As OADN’s President, my goal is to facilitate the implementation of the strategic plan which the board has worked so diligently to develop. I will work closely with CEO Donna Meyer, the Board of Directors, staff, and YOU to continue to move OADN forward. Priorities for the year will be to keep our COVID resource page up to date to provide valuable resources for you and to focus on our membership. You, our members, are our body. Without you there is no OADN. We are OADN! If you have suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me at

I want to thank all of you who participated in our first virtual convention resulting in record attendance. I want to thank our speakers, sponsors, partners, exhibitors, and all those who assisted in making this convention a huge success. We have heard many positive comments. It took many hours of hard work and I truly appreciate everyone who helped. Remember, you continue to have access to these great presentations for the next 11 months. Virtual was certainly not our preference. I wanted to see each of you to hear your stories and learn about your experiences!

Thank you again for trusting me to represent you as your OADN President. I will do my best to continue to move our organization forward. Becoming President of a national organization was something I never thought I would do. When I started my career in Philadelphia as an associate degree nurse, this was never on my radar. We have much to accomplish this year. Most important, remember to take care of yourself, and as our US Surgeon General Dr. Adams said: remember the 3 W’s – wash your hands, wear a mask, and watch social distancing. We cannot continue to help others if we do not take care of ourselves!

My wish is that you and your families have a blessed holiday season!

Laura A. Schmidt, DNP, FNP-BC
President, OADN