Nursing Community Monthly Roundup – December 2021

January 12, 2022

OADN continues our federal advocacy on your behalf as a member of the Nursing Community Coalition, where we work to ensure that nurses are supported and that nursing education is funded.

NCC Sends Letter to Senators Outlining Shared Build Back Better Act Priorities
On December 2, fifty-six members of the Nursing Community Coalition (NCC) sent a letter strongly urging the Senate to preserve shared nursing priorities, including support for nursing education pathways, the Nurse Corps, and Momnibus, in their Build Back Better Act.

NCC Sends Letter to Congress on COVID-19 Blanket Waivers
On December 20, forty-four members of the Nursing Community Coalition (NCC) signed onto a letter urging Congress to take action to make waivers permanent beyond this Public Health Emergency (PHE).