OADN Leadership Institute – Apply Now for 2024!

November 21, 2023

Applications now being accepted for the 2024 OADN Leadership Institute Cohorts

Every journey has a beginning…start yours now with the OADN Leadership Institute!

OADN is pleased to announce additional opportunities to apply for this cohort-based program geared towards emerging nursing education faculty and directors with the purpose to enhance competencies and skills to lead advances in Associate Degree Nursing education.


Highlights of the program include:

• Virtual seminars – designed to advance participants skills and competencies

• Creation of a personal leadership development plan – to set and track current and future goals

• Mentorship Experience – participants will meet regularly with identified mentors


The program provides an excellent opportunity to exchange wisdom, share perspectives, as well as practice giving and receiving feedback in a supportive environment. Participants engage in intersession activities, peer-to-peer interactions, receive reading assignments, resources, and tools to fine tune their leadership development activities, and focus on outside trends impacting the profession.

At the completion of the program participants will have gained essential experiences and critical leadership skills to advance their personal development and directly impact their programs, institutions, and communities.

Cohort 8 Seminar Dates Cohort 9 Seminar Dates
January 23, 2024 February 29, 2024
February 20, 2024 March 28, 2024
March 19, 2024 April 25, 2024
April 16. 2024 May 23, 2024

Application Cycle: November 21, 2023 – December 20, 2023

Admission: 2 Cohorts up to 20 participants each

Tuition: $995* for OADN members / $1,495 for non-members (*Limited number of partial scholarships available to members only through the OADN Foundation)

Time Commitment: 4 hours a week over a 4-month period

For More Information Contact: Mary Dickow, Director of Leadership Development at mary.dickow@oadn.org


Online Application Instructions

This year’s application process is made possible by Trajecsys.com



Alumni Testimonials

“This Leadership Institute has been such a blessing! I appreciate the connections that you have given us it has opened so many doors. My mentor and I plan to continue to meet over the summer. The program has inspired me to get more involved with OADN and I would love to be a mentor to be able to guide someone as much as I received guidance in this program. ” – Chasya Wiseman, DNP, RN, CMSRN – Associate Dean of Nursing Operations, Department of Nursing, Polk State College “Thank you for providing this amazing learning opportunity! I have learned a great deal about myself as a leader. Along with that, I have met new colleagues and mentors. I appreciate being a part of the OADN Leadership Institute. I am proud to call myself an alum!” -Amy Carr MSN, RN – Level 1 PN Coordinator, State Fair Community College



“As a newer leader in nursing education, the OADN Leadership Institute was transformative! Being so busy, it may never seem like the right time to set aside time for personal growth, but it is definitely worth the investment! The program offered me an invaluable opportunity to pause and spend a few moments recharging and focusing on my career and leadership development through thought-provoking and inspirational seminars. I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to grow and develop as a leader!” – Karla Ross DNP, RN, CNE – Director, Associate Degree Nursing, Blinn College



“The OADN Leadership Institute has provided me with a safe space to process what it means to be an associate degree nursing director. The 1:1 mentoring gives me direct access to a seasoned ADN leader and my mentor has already expanded my network with introductions to numerous individuals who have ideas to share about my personal growth and program management.  The time I set aside to participate in this program is time I am gifting to myself as a learner and a developing leader in a very challenging era of nursing and nursing education.” – Dale Spielman, MSN, RNC-OB, CNE – Director for Nursing Education, Harford Community College


“The small cohort model provides participants with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other nursing leaders across the country who share similar challenges and experiences. I have truly appreciated the program format to engage in further exploration during the peer-to-peer discussions with my Pod. The OADN Leadership Institute has provided useful leadership resources not just for right now, but for my future professional goals as well.” – Vicki Calfa, MSN, RN, CNE, PCCN – Assistant Professor of Nursing, Ranger College – Ranger, TX



“If you are new to the role of a leader in nursing education or looking to improve your leadership skills, this is the program for you. The OADN Leadership Institute provides significant guidance, support, and great mentors. The monthly seminars were timely and relevant to what is occurring in nursing education with innovative solutions. Your cohort and the speakers you meet become additional resources long after the program ends.” – Karen Macey-Stewart, DNP, A-GNP-C, PMGT-BC – Interim Traditional BSN Practice Director and Assistant Professor, College of Nursing and Health, Loyola University – New Orleans, LA



“The OADN Leadership Institute provided me with a structured approach to evaluation of my own learning needs and planning for my professional development. More importantly, the Institute created a community of nursing educators and educational leaders who continue to provide mentorship and support for the participants’ personal growth.” – Peter Miskin, DHSc, MScN, RN, PHN – Nursing Faculty, Evergreen Valley College – San Jose, CA