OADN Voices: March Leadership Message

March 5, 2024

OADN Foundation Announces 2024 Scholarships, Awards, & Research Grant

On behalf of the OADN Foundation Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce the annual call for the Foundation scholarships, awards, and grants. The awarding of these prestigious scholarships, awards, and grants is another amazing benefit of your OADN membership. The OADN Foundation promotes the mission and vision of OADN through the development of resources and the recognition of scholarship and excellence in associate degree nursing education. Collaborating with our valued partners and sponsors, the OADN Foundation makes a difference for nurse educators, their students, and the communities they serve nationwide.

Over the years, I have observed how the OADN Foundation has grown in financial support to assist in the professional journey of faculty and students. On an annual basis the OADN Foundation has added more scholarships and awards resulting in significant financial support to our members and their students. The OADN Foundation Board of Directors works diligently throughout the year to raise funds to support OADN members and provide opportunities for them. This year, we have added two new scholarships for faculty and students supported by Level Up RN. There are many categories in the scholarships and awards, including academic excellence and progression, professional advancement, leadership development and community service, and scholarly research. The research grant is very important to OADN and the OADN Foundation as it aligns with the OADN strategic direction to “create a high-impact research agenda to support ADN education.”  This is an exceptional opportunity for those working on an advanced degree or completing research. Investments in these areas will benefit all and help support the future of associate degree nursing education. I would especially like to emphasize the many scholarships offered to students. The OADN Foundation depends on Deans, Directors, and faculty to announce student scholarship opportunities.

The OADN Foundation is also committed to celebrating individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedicated service in promoting associate degree nursing education and practice. We are proud to offer the ability to express gratitude and appreciation for a valued colleague, trusted mentor, visionary leader, and steadfast champion of associate degree nursing through the nomination of one of the Foundation’s four honorary awards: Bobbi Anderson Leadership Award, the Elsevier Educator of the Year Award, Nurse Think New Educator of the Year Award and the Donna Meyer Visionary Impact Award.

The application process for the Awards, Scholarships and Grants is straightforward to complete online. Please visit the OADN Foundation page at Foundation – OADN, click the link for the award, scholarship or grant of interest to read step-by-step instructions, and detailed eligibility and criteria requirements. You will find a direct Survey Monkey application link under the instructions for applicants’ section. We strongly encourage applicants and nominators to read the instructions carefully, gather all required materials, and thoroughly edit them before submitting an online application. The 2024 OADN Foundation Call for Awards, Scholarships and Grants Submission Deadline is June 1. 

In closing, I would like to express my appreciation to each of you for your commitment to associate degree nursing (ADN) education. These awards, scholarships, and grants are for you, our valued OADN members who embody the excellence of the ADN pathway.

Wishing you all the best,



OADN CEO Emeritus
OADN Foundation President