Lynette Apen



Associate Dean, Nursing Academic Affairs & Faculty Development - University of San Francisco School of Nursing & Health Professions - San Francisco, California

Dr. Lynette V. Apen has over 26 years of experience serving in clinical, academic, and leadership roles. Dr. Apen’s clinical background is in oncology nursing. Her academic experience includes 18 years in a California community college, serving as a tenured faculty and then division dean of nursing at Evergreen Valley College. Her most recent leadership position was as a director in the office of research and health equity at Stanford Health Care. These experiences have informed Dr. Apen’s learner-centered approach and commitment to inclusive learning and work communities. In addition to her work experience, Dr. Apen advocates for nursing education through her participation in professional nursing organizations and service in state and national nursing education leadership roles. Currently, she serves as President-elect for the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN). Dr. Apen’s scholarship areas of interest include nursing holistic admissions, academic progression and academic workforce shortages.