Next Gen Tips and Tricks


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3. Prioritizing Hypotheses with Unfolding Cases
The development of the ability to identify priorities is challenging for most students.  Unfolding Priorities is a simple activity to incorporate into class. Give students a single ‘snapshot’ view of multiple patients; after discussing the priorities, unfold another layer of information and discuss how the priorities have changed. Know that there is not always a “best” answer but encourage students to discuss and justify their decisions. (Added 7/7/2021)



2. Is this medication SAFE and indicated?  An activity for EHR review. Have your students explore an EHR (using one you’ve developed or used in simulation). Without any prompts, they must analyze the cues in the EHR and determine if a particular medication is (1) safe and (2) indicated at this time. Ask the student to make the decision based on the information in the chart and mark the medication as “Give,” “Question,” or “Hold.” Request rationale for their decision.

Alternate delivery methods:

  1. Place students in pairs or small groups, have them explore the EHR in lab/sim, and report back to the larger group.
  2. Provide the entire class, the same list of medications, and have them vote.
  3. Allow students access to the EHR the day before class/lab/clinical and ask them to report out at the beginning of the day.
  4. Provide access to the EHR when class begins and give them 5 minutes to decide. [This supports the CJMM Layer 4 – Environmental Factor of Time Pressure] (Added 6/7/2021)



1. Building Cue Recognition by listing Actual and Potential Cues. Give your students a short scenario and have them list 10 cues that they might see indicating an actual or potential problem. (Added 4/27/2021)