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ADN QSEN Purpose

The Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Task Force is comprised of members who have a special interest in ADN as well as QSEN. Educators of ADN programs are tasked with the challenge of preparing future nurses with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) necessary to continuously improve the quality and safety of the healthcare systems in which they will work. The aim of the ADN Task Force is to assist nurse educators in incorporating QSEN competencies into ADN education.

Task Force Goals

  • Identify current status of QSEN competencies incorporated in ADN education.
  • Identify resources to support the integration of QSEN competencies in ADN education.
  • Develop strategies to assist ADN programs with the implementation of QSEN competencies into curricula.
  • Collaborate with ADN educators regarding innovative curricular designs, evaluation tools, and teaching strategies by creating a repository showcasing how QSEN competencies can be integrated into ADN programs

OADN collaborates with the Quality and Safety Innovation Center at The College of New Jersey, under the directorship of Gerry Altmiller, which provides educational programming, consultation, teaching strategies, and resources to support the advancement of nurses and nurse educators in developing expertise in quality and safety education.

Latest Resources

Care Plan Guides in Your Curriculum – A Strategy for Enhancing Clinical Judgement

WEBINAR – Care Plan Guides in Your Curriculum – A Strategy for Enhancing Clinical Judgement Original air date – August 17, 2021 VIEW RECORDING Care plan guides can be excellent learning tools in developing student clinical judgement and equip students with a practical tool that can support them in their future practice. MCG care guidelines are one […]

EHR: The Importance of Documenting Nursing Assessments

A difficult challenge for nurse educators is ensuring that students understand the importance of  accurately documenting assessments in the age of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) Nursing students may observe nurses who have grown accustomed to documenting assessment results in electronic health records (EHRs), rapidly clicking responses to assessment checklist questions. However, it is important that […]