OADN Voices: April Leadership Message

April 11, 2024


Make the Decision TODAY to Attend the OADN Convention!

Dear OADN Members,

This year, we will celebrate OADN’s 40th Anniversary Convention from October 31 to November 2 in Tampa, Florida. The convention’s theme, “Bridging the Past to Build the Future”, is centered on the commitment to deliver excellence in associate degree nursing education and support the future generation of registered nurses over the next 40 years and beyond.

Leadership guru Craig Groeschel states that today’s decisions determine the stories we tell tomorrow. If you want to tell a story of providing excellence in ADN nursing education, you must make strategic, purposeful decisions that lead you to achieve that goal. Thus, I encourage you to commit to attending the convention today.

“Intentionally invest your resources today to accomplish your goals and fulfill your mission in the future.” –@craiggroeschel

Many of us view our resources as limited—we only have so much time, and our budgets are often constrained. It’s time to shift that view and see attending the convention in terms of the return on investment. When investing, you do not expect an equal return—you desire an exponentially larger one. When you attain higher expertise in ADN education, your organization improves, aligning with its mission to support the next generation of nurses. This translates into an exponential return on investment, enhancing the impact of your efforts!

OADN is the most comprehensive resource for ADN faculty, directors, and deans. Advocate for your program by seeking administrative support to attend the convention. Initiating this request in advance will allow them to earmark the required funds. OADN has developed a template letter for requesting support, which you can customize to justify your budget and travel needs.

This year, we have an exceptional lineup of speakers, including Jason A Schwartz, Desiree Diaz, Danielle McCamey, and Jaqueline McMillian-Bohler. They will touch on critical issues related to associate degree nursing education, such as the Next Generation National Licensing Exam (NCLEX), and pertinent topics to expand your thinking on leadership, innovation, and advocacy. The remainder of the convention agenda is filled with education sessions and workshops on the topics that interest you most, including enhancing clinical judgment, evaluation and accreditation, simulation, NCLEX preparation, and promoting diversity. This exclusive information is essential for nurse educators, enabling us to fulfill our mission of educating quality nurses. Participating in the convention fosters networking relationships that lead to innovative ideas, support systems, and actionable solutions from other programs experiencing similar challenges. It provides a platform for exchanging best practices and advancing ADN education.

You will also have time to experience downtown Tampa and all it offers. The early bird registration is $795, and OADN has negotiated the best rates for accommodations at the JW Marriott ($279/night + tax) and adjoining Marriott Tampa Water Street ($259/night + tax). The hotel is on the waterfront in downtown Old Tampa, an area known for dining, walking, and beautiful outdoor spaces.

Plan to elevate your program and faculty’s excellence in ADN education starting now! Pursue funding opportunities and prioritize self-investment. There is no comparable education and networking experience designed for ADN educators. Stay tuned for upcoming emails detailing the convention schedule and registration process.

It will be a rewarding experience. I hope to see you there!

Mariann Harding, Ph.D., RN, CNE, FAADN
OADN Treasurer and Board Liaison, Abstract Review Committee