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  • Our chapter is small but very active. Students accepted into the honor society are committed to supporting the community and our fellow students. To best meet this criterion for our chapter, we have been offering free tutoring and support services two days a week since the start of our chapter in 2019. Our idea was […]

  • During the Fall 2021 semester, the Alpha Delta Nu students of the Beta Mu Chapter at Pearl River Community College (PRCC) created a recruitment video for their ADN nursing program to be shown to potential incoming nursing students. Students wrote the scripts and spoke on academic classes, admissions, clinicals, student activities, and experiences. The following […]

  • During the academic year 2020-2021, ADN provisional students continued the development of our Joliet Junior College Department of Nursing Peer Mentoring program. During Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, the third semester provisional ADN transitioned seamlessly to virtual peer mentoring due to Covid pandemic campus restrictions. Virtual peer mentoring was provided using the Teams virtual platform […]

  • The Sustainable Living Project is an urban farm and education center where people can be immersed in the world of sustainability. It consists of a 1 acre plot and houses 34 grow beds (10 of which are dedicated to a Veteran volunteers), 3 sheds, a water catchment patio with solar panels, a greenhouse with aquaponics, […]

  • Alpha Delta Nu Delta Chapter, Joliet Junior College created multiple presentations on topics such as “Domestic Violence: A Future Without Violence” and “Heroin Today, Gone Tomorrow: A Multidisciplinary Perspective of the Heroin Epidemic.” The student’s report is freely available online for all OADN participants to enjoy, as well as a video highlighting a portion of […]

  • The Beta Mu Chapter inductees of the Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society presented an Educational Capstone focusing on Preventing the spread of Germs. There were 11 American Heritage Girls and 9 parents/leaders in attendance ranging from Kindergarten to adult. The Objectives: 1. Understand what germs are. 2. Be able to identify methods of how germs […]