Thought Leadership Series – Webinars


Speaking to Gen Z: Improving Learning Outcomes (click here for recording)

Learn how to improve learning outcomes in both traditional and online classrooms for Generation Z learners.


  1. Understanding GEN Z relationships and learning qualities
  2. Reviewing SPEAK – a GEN Z learning model for traditional and online classrooms
  3. Reviewing teaching strategies to meet learning needs in today’s classroom

PRESENTER BIO: Bridgette Bryan holds a doctorate in executive leadership, a master’s in nursing administration and psychology and is a director in the ATI NCLEX services department. She has been published in the ATI comprehensive live review book, nursing journals and has served as an inspirational newspaper columnist. Prior to joining ATI 10 years ago, Bridgette’s leadership experience included director and vice president roles in hospital administration, and academic experience includes professor roles in both university and community colleges.

Next Generation NCLEX: What You Need to Know  (click here for recording)

This presentation will provide details and updates about Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) and an overview of new item types that are designed to assess the clinical judgment skills of candidates. An introduction to the three types of scoring methods for the various item types will be reviewed.


  1. Describe important details about upcoming changes to NCLEX.
  2. Examine NGN item types and examples.
  3. Introduce scoring methods for NGN items.

PRESENTER BIO: Janean Johnson, DNP, RN, CNE, a Nursing Education Strategist for ATI, offers a robust background in clinical practice and nursing education. Over the course of her career, she has played an active leadership role in the university setting as well as in professional organizations. Since joining ATI, she has assisted educators in developing or revising their curriculum, improve their item writing and test development skills, create learning opportunities to improve students’ clinical judgment skills, and improve program evaluation to enhance student learning outcomes and program effectiveness.

Demystifying Clinical Judgment for Next Gen NCLEX  (click here for recording)

New nurses need stronger skills in clinical judgment, which is why NCSBN is developing the Next Generation NCLEX. The best way to begin preparing students is by deliberately incorporating clinical judgment into all aspects of your curriculum.

  1. Discuss the importance of emphasizing clinical judgment.
  2. Examine expected responses and behaviors associated with clinical judgment.
  3. Explore strategies for developing learning activities to promote clinical judgment.

PRESENTER BIO: Dr. Beth Phillips is the Strategic Nursing Advisor for Ascend Learning/ ATI. She is Faculty Emeritus at Duke University School of Nursing, having taught there for 16 years in the Accelerated BSN and MSN in Nursing Education programs. Beth was also the Director of the Institute for Educational Excellence at Duke where she was responsible for faculty orientation and development, clinical instructor orientation, and continued competence for educators. Beth has been active on curriculum committees at both the SON and the SOM. Beth served on the Educational subgroup of the Racial Justice Taskforce for the last year. In addition, Beth was instrumental in overseeing the recent review of the curricula in the School’s four programs for evidence of Bias. Prior to Duke, Beth spent 9 years at Vance Granville Community College, where she taught in and directed the ADN and LPN programs. Prior to teaching, Beth spent 13 years working in surgical trauma ICU. Beth received her ADN from Waukesha County Technical Institute in Wisconsin; her BSN from East Carolina University; her MSN from Duke; and her PhD in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Beth has a passion for equity and inclusion, faculty onboarding, and innovations in education. Beth has published on educational strategies, completed research on clinical decision making in nursing students, and students’ intent to become faculty, among other topics. Beth has presented nationally and internationally on nursing education topics. Beth is actively involved in the International Society for Professional Identity in Nursing.