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OADN's Call to Action

No healthcare provider should be forced to reuse or make their own PPE equipment, thus putting themselves and other individuals at risk.  OADN is issuing a call for action that strongly encourages every nursing program provides PPE supplies to their community healthcare facilities to aid in this shortage of PPE equipment.

Please talk to your College administration, take inventory, and provide any available supplies NOW before it is too late.

We must all do our part to ensure that patient care providers are not hampered in their duties or that patient care does not suffer due to a lack of PPE.


As our nation confronts the Coronavirus Disease pandemic (COVID-19), OADN stands steadfast in support of all nurses and the entire healthcare workforce as they care for the ill and vulnerable. Now is the time to remind anxious families and communities about the strength of our nation’s nursing workforce: Nurses are reliable and proven responders during infectious disease emergencies, providing safe, quality, compassionate and nondiscriminatory care to their patients and the communities in which they serve. This unprecedented challenge to our healthcare system requires the greatest unity in heeding public health guidance. The broad nursing community of practitioners, educators, students and nursing organizations, must also unite in with clarity and purpose to support the public’s confidence in the expert care nurses deliver.

OADN strives to support all local nursing education programs as we move forward in addressing the COVID-19. We encourage all members to plan for possible impacts to your students and programs. It is also important to maintain close, transparent communication with your public health departments, state board of nursing, clinical partners, and accrediting bodies- regarding changes to clinical learning experiences and education delivery formats. Below is a collection of resources for nursing educators and nursing programs. This page is updated regularly with new information and learning opportunities as they become available. Please, continue to consult the CDC for the most up to date information.

We want to hear from you.  Please, reach out to with any suggested resources or information that can be added to this page. We are also interested in any stories for how your communities are coming together to address the situation and how nursing educators are leading and contributing to these efforts.



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"Message to the Nursing Education Community Considerations for Covid-19 Preparedness and Response in U.S. Schools of Nursing" by Tener Veenema - CLICK HERE
OADN has been in direct communication with Dr. Veenema of Johns Hopkins University. We will post and distribute updates to Dr. Veenema's guidance as they become available. Dr. Veenema is committed to providing the most up-to-date guidance to the full nursing education community as this situation unfolds. UPDATED 3/19/20

View the Recorded Webinar - Dr. Tener Veenema: Updated Considerations for Covid-19 Preparedness and Response in U.S. Schools of Nursing by presented Unbound Medicine

Unbound Medicine offers Complimentary Access to a Special Addition of Nursing Central


In order to better serve the nursing education community , Unbound Medicine is offering a special edition of Nursing Central that contains Disaster Nursing written by Dr. Tener Veenema, Coronavirus Guidelines, along with valuable tools such as Prime PubMed to all students and faculty enrolled in or affiliated with nursing programs.

Nursing Central Special Edition is being made available at no charge.  For details, please contact Unbound Medicine by following this link.


U.S. Nursing Leadership Supports Practice/Academic Partnerships to Assist the Nursing Workforce during the COVID-19 Crisis

3/25/20 - In an effort to provide a humanitarian response during this coronavirus pandemic, NCSBN, OADN and other national organizations, have issued recommendations for academic-practice partnerships between health care facilities and pre-licensure nursing education programs. The pandemic situation differs across the country, and each school of nursing in each state must carefully evaluate their circumstances regarding deployment of nursing students. This policy brief may provide guidance to programs that are able to collaborate with clinical partners for continued nursing student education within direct patient care environments. Click here for the policy brief and recommendations.

NCSBN's main COVID-19 page has been updated that highlights news at the top with prominent boxes that link to subpages for:

April, 27 - NCSBN is pleased to report that during the week of April 19, 2020, 1,847 candidates were able to test.  The exam has been running smoothly with no reported issues and continues to perform as expected to measure candidate ability.

For the week of April 26, 2020, testing will occur at 272 Pearson VUE centers (see list here).

Please note: On May 1st Pearson VUE will begin opening their entire Pearson Professional Center (PPC) network across the U.S. and Canada.  We anticipate these test centers will be open for business on a daily basis with Pearson VUE employed staffing.  All PPCs will be social distancing compliant and will remain open unless government mandated to shut down.  The opening of all PPCs will be completed by May 4, therefore this will be the last update on the Essential Services Channel (ESC).  We will provide you updates on the successful opening of the PPC’s as information becomes available. 



CARES Act Becoming Law (Click Here for the Full Statement)

On March 27, OADN and the other organization of the Nursing Community Coalition released a statement thanking Congress and the Administration for their quick and decisive action to pass and sign into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.  As part of the NCC, OADN is also proud to see many of our shared priorities within this legislation, including:

  • Ensuring Safety for our Patients and Nurses;
  • Reauthorizing the Title VIII Nursing Workforce Development Programs;
  • Authorizing NPs and CNSs to certify home health care services;
  • Strengthening the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps to include a Ready Reserve Corps; among others.

ANA's Analysis of the CARES Act (OADN is an Organizational Affiliate of ANA).

ANA Legislative and Regulatory COVID-19 Update

ANA Policy/GOVA COVID-19 Whiteboard for April 29


Research References for Policy Guidance

OADN has recieved requests for information that can be used for state-level advocacy, particularly in regards to regulations that govern simulation and clinical hours.  Individual states regulations in these areas this vary considerably.  Regardless of how your state regulates clinical nursing eduction, it is important to rely on research and evidence-based practice in your arguments for regulatory changes during COVID-19 crisis, or at any time.  For guidance on academic-practice partnerships, look above under NCSBN Updates, where OADN and many other national nursing organizations joined with NCSBN to reccomend one possible strategy for clinical education during this time.

Below are some resources to support you in your advocacy and program changes as it relates to clinical education hours and simulation:

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Severe Blood Shortage

The American Red Cross now faces a severe blood shortage due to an unprecedented number of blood drive cancellations during this coronavirus outbreak.

Healthy individuals are needed to schedule an appointment now to give blood in the days and weeks ahead to help patients counting on lifesaving blood throughout this pandemic. Donating blood is a safe process and people should not hesitate to give or receive blood.

Rembering to do Self Care During the Pandemic

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AHNA has devised a toolbox of quick practices so no matter how short the self-care moment, your immune system has a chance to catch up! Click here!

Self Care Tip Sheet for Nurses by the American Psychiatric Nurses Association

National Academy of Medicine’s Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience

National Academy of Medicine's Health and Well-Being of Clinicians During Covid-19: RESOURCES and STRATEGIES

Living with worry and anxiety admist global uncertainty

Leadership Resources for Times of Crisis by Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

How to Unwind After Work as a Nurse by Trusted Health

Caring for Our Health Care Heroes During COVID-19 by the American Hospital Association

"Coronavirus May Keep California’s Nursing Students From Graduating"

OADN Board Member Sharon Goldfard, RN, MSN, FNP-BC and OADN CEO Donna Meyer, MSN, RN, ANEF, FAADN, FAAN featured by the New York Times for a March 20, 2020 article on the impacts of COVID-19 on nursing school graduates in the workforce.

"How a Rhode Island College Was Forced to Adapt"

Well-run colleges are known for thoughtful planning and execution. The pandemic made the Community College of Rhode Island work in a new way, instantaneously.

OADN Member The Community College of Rhode Island was featured by the New York Times on April 23, 2020 in a special learning report focusing challenges of online education during the coronavirus outbreak.

"We can’t shut the pipeline down": Nurses' schools use virtual patients amid coronavirus.

OADN Members Indian River State College and Kirkwood Community College featured in USA Today during Nurses Week, May 8, 2020.

Click here for article



COVID-19 Resources

Virtual Simulation & Distance Learning Resources


Evolving Resources for Clinical Replacement (not exhaustive list) Last updated 3/24/20
Adapted by Durham & Waxman with permission from Carrie Eaton, MSN, PhD, RNC-OB, CHSE, UConn School of Nursing Director of Simulation


ATI Nursing Education has developed a microsite with resources, guidance, webinars and suggestions to assist you with the move to online-only teaching, clinical + lab replacement and student support. Bookmark this page for easy referral new ideas and suggestions are added regularly.


CAE Healthcare, an OADN partner for simulation education, will offer coronavirus simulation training scenario and webinars for healthcare providers - complimentary for the months of March and April.


Elsevier's COVID-19 landing page has case studies, testing resources and suggestions for distance learning during COVID-19.


Global Nursing Education Virtual Simulation Consortium


Healthcare Learning Innovations (HLI) offers affordable virtual clinical scenarios that give learners the opportunity to earn simulated clinical hours and realistic practice experience to for various nursing courses. Discounted and institutional pricing available.


INACSL's FREE COVID-19 and Virtual Learning Resource List

Position Statement on Use of Virtual Simulation during the Pandemic


Kaplan’s learning science team put together a series of free Digital Classroom Resources, focused on creating the right technology environment, setting teachers up for success, and leveraging the online platform for great teaching. The latest installment: “How to get your students to participate in virtual classrooms.”

  • i-Human Patients by Kaplan is offering a 50% discount onthe standard new cohort pricing of all virtual simulation case packages for cohorts whose semesters are already underway and need to get started immediately—covering 45 cases broken into 5 specialty packages. Learn more.


Laerdal offering a series of complimentary webinars for programs nagivatiging the effects of COVID-19

  • Due to COVID-19, Laerdal is currently offering a special discount for its vSim products on short term (3 months) licenses in addition to ongoing volume and multi-course discounts on full term vSim for nursing licenses.
  • vSim® for Nursing instills the skills for clinical success through realistic patient encounters based on actual nursing scenarios students will encounter in practice in the areas of Fundamentals, Medical-Surgical, Maternity, Pediatric, Gerontology, Pharmacology, Health Assessment and Mental Health. vSim includes case scenarios, simulations, automated debriefing, remediation, and rich educational content to enable students to develop clinical reasoning skills, competence, and confidence as they care for the patient in an online environment.


LifeCareSim, where critical thinking is our game, produces Ponder (TM) the Socratic Way game.  Dubbed as “simulation in a box” by one of our customers, Ponder stimulates critical thinking by creating unpredictable, constantly evolving patient case scenarios with problems to solve throughout the game.  The game can be adapted to use in synchronous and asynchronous online classes.  Suggested outcomes and ideas for this are found here.  Faculty facilitates the game to help students learn to recognize and analyze cues, formulate and prioritize hypotheses, analyze and evaluate data.  For a demonstration video and more information, visit us at 

  • During this challenging time, Ponder (TM) the Socratic Way can be purchased for 50% or the original cost.  Apply the code nocorono20 at checkout to receive this discount.  Learn more.


NurseAchieve is offering the following to lessen the impact of COVID-19 on nurse educators and their students:

  • No cost access to NurseAchieve's online platform for 30 days ($95 value / user ) for all new registrations by clicking on the relevant link: RN Package or PN Package.  All packages include access to the adaptive mock exams, questions, presentations, flashcards and summary sheets.
  • 90% discount on online modules as substitutes in lieu of cancelled clinical placement.  The clinical placement modules can be added to the free 30 day package.  Please contact or 1-800-795-0665 for more details.


NurseThink offers a 30-day free trial to vClinicals.  See 12 sample videos here.


Pocket Nurse, with the support of KbPort™, is offering information on free access to two cloud-based clinical educational tools: SimEMR® and Virtual MedsManager™. These tools can enable institutions to continue to educate learners on patient charting, general clinical care and assessment, and medication administration without requiring physical presence in a lab setting or access to specialized hardware. You can receive FREE access to these programs here.

  • Pocket Nurse has put together a COVID-19 resource page here.
  • KbPort™ is is holding weekly COVID-19 complimentary webinars every Tuesday at 2pm ET and FREE access to online tools to assist educators with challenges faced by COVID-19. Click here.
  • KbPort™ COVID-19 Relief Effort – Patient Profile Sharing - To assist educators at this time, KbPort™ is offering the ability to contribute simulated scenario information created within SimEMR® for distribution to all other SimEMR® users.  If submission are approved, they will initiate distribution to other academic users of SimEMR®.


Shadow Health is offering a 50% per student discount as part of a special COVID-19 assistance program.


Society for Simultion in Healthcare's (SSH) - Helpful Links and Information on COVID-19

Position Statement on Use of Virtual Simulation during the Pandemic


Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has compiled a FREE, comprehensive set of resources to support institutions' move to online instruction.

  • SNHU, Penn Foster, and Guild partnered to provide a FREE online program for healthcare professionals and volunteers to ensure their safety. The new program instructs health professionals and volunteers on the fundamentals of testing for the COVID-19 virus, including symptoms, hygiene precautions, and correct medical procedures. Intended for qualified healthcare employees and volunteers to use under the supervision of medical professionals, the course will enable healthcare providers to expand the pool of talent for administering tests at a time when the need is becoming increasingly critical.”


UConn School of Nursing Clinical Simulation Learning Center - Clinical Replacement Plan for OB Clinical Nursing


University of Minnesota - Zooming with SPs in COVID-19 Response Zooming with SPs in COVID-19 Response: Using Zoom to Train Standardized Patients (SPs) and Implement Formative Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCEs) with Health Sciences Students


Wolters Kluwer, Lippincott has created a Transitioning to Online Learning in the Age of Social Distancing resource center that includes past and upcoming webinars, live free product training, Podcasts, and white papers.  We also have additional resources for clinical, evidence-based practice updates from and our Lippincott Solutions portfolios.  Bookmark these resources as they are continuing to be updated for the latest content and ideas and solutions.

In addition to our resource centers, Wolters Kluwer is available to assist programs with purchasing and implementing the following resources:

  • vSim for Nursing products
    • For more information on vSim, please visit our solution page here
    • For more information on CoursePoint+, our complete course solution, please visit our solutions page here
  • Lippincott PassPoint, our completely on-line, personalized through adaptive learning, NCLEX preparation product (for RN and PN), at a short-term access length
    • For more information on PassPoint, please visit our solutions page here
  • Lippincott Clinical Experiences: Community, Public and Population Health Nursing
    • For more information on Lippincott Clinical Experience, please visit our solutions page here

For any of these offers, please contact us or your account representative directly.  If you need to locate your representative, please click here.


Need the evidence and research to support shifts in your curriculum to virtual simulation? Look above under "Legislative Priorities and Research for Policy Guidance"



COVID-19 Specific Simulations and Resources



In The News



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04/20/20 Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society of Central Community College recognized for service project on social isolation by KITC Radio

04/20/20 RN student in South Carolina passes away from Covid-19 by WIS NBC TV

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04/18/20 Muscatine Community College donates healthcare supplies by

04/18/20 Hudson Valley Community College lends hand to Rensselaer County during pandemic by The Troy Record

04/18/20College of Southern Maryland Donates College’s Medical Supplies and Equipment; Nursing Students Volunteer for the Front Lines of the Pandemic Response

by The Southern Maryland Chronicle

04/18/20 Bakersfield College nursing students help in the battle against COVID-19 by ABC23 News

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4/14/20 CEOs of OADN and AACN Join CastleBranch to Protect Millions from COVID-19 by PR Newswire

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04/13/20 Commentary: Don’t let California’s community college system be devastated by the coronavirus recession by The San Diego Union-Tribune

04/13/20 Doña Ana Community College donates PPE to healthcare facilities for COVID-19 emergency by CBS 4 TV

04/13/20 Tallahassee Community College nursing students learn from ‘Virtual Clinicals,’ but will that work in real life? by the Florida Phoenix

04/09/20 Cuyahoga Community College to loan ventilators to hospitals in Northeast Ohio by WKYC Cleveland

04/09/20 Community colleges live up to their name during pandemic by the Richmond County Daily Journal

04/09/20 Healthcare workers receive thousands of masks, other PPE from Patrick Henry Community College’s Health Science Department by WFXR FOX TV

04/09/20 College of the Redwoods nursing students return to local hospitals for clinical rotations by the Times Standard

04/09/20 Central Carolina Technical College donates PPE to local health care facilities by The Sumter Item

04/09/20 42 Kirtland Community College nursing students eligible to enter workforce in May by The Hougthon Lake Resorter

04/08/20 Greenville Tech donates supplies to Prisma Health for coronavirus effort by the Greenville Journal

04/08/20 College of Coastal Georgia's School of Nursing donates supplies to health care workers by The Brunswick News

04/08/20 Des Moines Area Community College fights virus during National Community College Month by The Perry News

04/08/20 Executive order allows Kirtland CC nursing students to complete credits for graduation by the Record & Clarion

04/08/20 Assiniboine Community College joins in the fight against COVID-19 by The Brandon Sun

04/08/20 Louisiana's community and technical colleges are providing support and additional services by

04/08/20 Central Alabama Community College Nursing Department donates supplies to local hospitals by The Daily Home

04/08/20 Atlantic Cape Honors Alumni, Students Working on Frontlines Against Outbreak by the Cape May Count Herald

04/08/20 Gadsden State Community College & Alabama Community College System Donates PPE by WEIS Radio

04/08/20 WHO concerned over shortage of 6 million nurses by the Associated Free Press

04/07/20 Lewis and Clark Community College’s Health Sciences Programs Donate to Local Hospitals by

04/07/20 Delaware County Community College donates medical supplies to area hospitals by The Philadelphia Tribune

04/07/20 Board temporarily changes rule so WV nursing students can graduate on time by CBS/FOX 59 TV

04/07/20 Tarrant County College Nursing Students graduating early to help with region's COVID-19 response by the Fortworth Business Press

04/07/20 Meridian Community College Graduating nursing students getting ready to be on the front lines by ABC11 TV

04/07/20 Dakota College at Bottineau moves to virtual clinicals to teach nurses during COVID-19 by FOX West Dakota TV

04/07/20 Lincoln Memorial University nursing students start petition for pass/fail option by WVLT TV

04/07/40 Forsyth Tech Community College 'We're going to hit the ground running' | Nursing students graduating in May will help on front lines of coronavirus pandemic by CBS WFMY TV

04/06/20 Columbia-Greene Community College donates personal protective equipment the Daily Freeman

04/06/20 Edison State Community College steps up to support local health care facilities by the Sidney Daily News

04/06/20 Clark State donates hospital beds to prepare for COVID-19 overflow by

04/06/20 Arapahoe Community College gets creative as diverse courses go online by the Parker Chronicle

04/06/20 Temporary waiver helps student nurses in Virginia by ABC WHSV TV

04/06/20 Raleigh nursing students ready to graduate, help amid COVID-19 pandemic by CBS17 TV

04/06/20 Schools donate ventilators, masks; graduating nursing students prepare to go into hospitals by The Reporter

04/06/20 East Mississippi Community College Nursing & Allied Health students prepare for coronavirus by The Meridian Star

04/06/20 Heading to the front lines: Nursing students face unique challenges in order to graduate by WMTW TV

04/06/20 California makes concession for nursing students after coronavirus affects training access by The Sacramento Bee

04/05/20 Sinclair Community College nursing, respiratory graduates to work in front lines against coronavirus by the Dayton Daily News

04/05/20 Gateway Technical College continues to train students for workforce by The Journal Times

04/04/20 Amid virus, California moved slowly on nursing student rules by the Associated Press

04/04/20 California loosens nursing student rules in response to coronavirus crisis by The Los Angeles Times

04/03/20 Arizona community colleges provide personal protective equipment to healthcare workers by the Queen Creek Independent

04/03/20 California nursing students get path to degree amid pandemic by the Associated Press

04/03/20 Nursing students in Sonoma County volunteer to fight coronavirus by The Press Democrat

04/02/20 Regulatory changes allow nursing students to graduate, enter workforce by the Midland Daily News

04/02/20 Beal College nursing students donate pinning ceremony funds to hospital workers by NBC Newscenter Maine

04/02/20 Illinois Considers Temporary Roles For Student Nurses To Help With COVID-19 Fight by WCBU

04/02/20 Mercer County Community College Nursing Professor Serves Her Community During Coronavirus Pandemic by MCCC

04/01/20 Oakland Community College to donate medical supplies to local hospitals amid equipment shortages by

04/01/20 CARES Act Provides Aid And Regulatory Relief To Students And Educational Institutions by JD Supra

04/01/20 Ohio nursing students gain access to expedited licensures from

04/01/20 Legal And Liability Issues With Allowing Students To Volunteer In Direct Patient Care by JD Supra

04/01/20 CA Gov says some nursing students can help crisis. How will it work? Many questions unanswered by The Fresno Bee

04/01/20 To face crisis, state officials weigh issuing temporary nursing licenses by the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

04/01/20 Bakersfield College partners with local hospitals to allow nursing students to work during the COVID-19 outbreak by KGET TV

04/01/20 Piedmont Technical College fast tracks nursing students to help with COVID-19  by the Index-Journal

03/31/20 Tompkins Cortland Community College nursing students recognized for work at COVID-19 sampling center by The Ithaca Voice

03/31/20 Regulatory changes allow Delta College nursing students to enter workforce by NBC25 / FOX66 TV

03/31/20 There Are Not Nearly Enough Nurses To Handle The Surge Of Coronavirus Patients: Here’s How To Close the Gap Quickly by Joanne Spetz for Health Affairs

03/31/20 ASU nursing school transitions labs to online format by The State Press

03/31/20 Michigan executive order temporarily changes requirements for nursing students to graduate by WMEN TV

03/30/20 Muskegon Community College develops hospital overflow site by ABC13 TV

03/30/20 Nursing students preparing to start work during the coronavirus pandemic by FOX28 Ohio

03/29/20 Accelerated college graduation to fight Covid-19: 'I get to make a difference' by The Buffalo News

03/28/20 Germanna college donates COVID-19 gear to hospital system by the Culpeper Star-Exponet

03/28/20 For Marin nursing students, virus presents unique challenges by the Marin Independent Journal

03/27/20 How California’s largest community college district is making the switch to teach online in response to Covid-19 by the LA School Report

03/27/20 Delgado School of Nursing donates supplies to local hospitals by the Mid-City Messenger

03/27/20 Wisconsin governor issues emergency order to allow retired, out-of-state and student nurses to join coronavirus fight in hospitals by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

03/27/20 N.J. Cancels Statewide Assessments; Medical Students Called To Front Lines by WLNY

03/27/20 Maryland Recruits Medical Students, Nursing Students to Help Overwhelmed Hospitals by U.S. News and World Report

03/27/20 New Ohio law allows perspective nurses to start working with temporary license by WBNS 

03/27/20 Regulations Keeping California’s Graduating Nursing Students From Assisting in Pandemic by NYC Bay Area

03/27/20 As California braces for coronavirus surge, nursing students beg to enter workforce early by San Franciso Chronicle

03/27/20 UK: Student nurses to be paid if they assist with COVID-19 outbreak by Nursing Notes

03/26/20 Community College of Allegheny County Nursing Department Donates Supplies by CBS Cleveland TV

03/26/20 Lorain County Community College donated hundreds of boxes of medical supplies by The Chronicle-Telegram

03/26/20 Nicolet College nursing students finished clinicals before COVID-19 by WJFNW

03/26/20 UK: Unions issue statement of assurance for students responding to Covid-19 by Nursing Times

03/26/20 Wisconsin's nursing shortage in the spotlight as hospitals face influx of COVID-19 cases by Wisconsin State Journal

03/25/20 Wisconsin considering emergency measures to put more nurses in the field by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

03/25/20 California Needs Nurses by the Los Angeles Times

03/25/20 UK: Changes made to nurse education rules in response to coronavirus crisis by Nursing Times

03/24/20 Elgin Community College donate carloads of protective gear  by The Courier News

03/23/20 Looking to Aid the Coronavirus Front Lines, Nursing Students Call for Emergency Licenses - by KQED San Francisco

03/23/20 Clinical Training for Nursing Students Sidelined - by Inside Higher Ed

03/21/20 Keeping the Coronavirus from Infecting Health-Care Workers - by The New Yorker

03/21/20 Texas Gov. Abbott moves to bolster number of practicing nurses by KRPC2 Houston

03/20/20 Donating medical masks, gloves to hospitals - by Community College Daily from AACC

03/18/20 1918 Redux: Supportive Nursing Care for the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Courageous Care - by the American Journal of Nursing 

03/17/20 Coronavirus May Keep California’s Nursing Students From Graduating - by The New York Times

03/17/20 Advice for Faculty Members in a Turbulent Time - by Inside Higher Ed

03/17/20 In Face Of Coronavirus, Many Hospitals Cancel On-Site Training For Nursing And Med Students - by Kaiser Health News

03/17/20 Hopkins-trained nurse in hard-hit Italy has warning for Americans: ‘Stay home’ - by The Baltimore Sun

03/06/20 6 Ways Colleges and Universities are Responding to the Coronavirus - by NPR

03/06/20 Coronavirus and Higher Education - by Inside Higher Ed

03/06/20 Federal Agencies, Health Association Help Colleges Plan Ahead - by Inside Higher Ed

03/05/20 Health-Care Students on the Front Lines - by Inside Higher Ed

03/04/20 Universities' Role in Race to Develop Vaccine - by Inside Higher Ed

03/03/20 The Coronavirus Threatens to Upend Higher Ed by The Chronicle of Higher Education

02/29/20 COVID-19 for Nurses: Skip the Rumors and Stick to the Basics - by Am. Jrnl of Nursing

02/27/20 Getting Campuses Ready for the Coronavirus - by Inside Higher Ed

02/27/20 What Organizations Should Be Doing - by Harvard Business Review

02/26/20 Inexpensive Way to Diagnose COVID-19 - by Harvard Business Review

Program Guidance


NSNA Board of Directors Issues Guidance for Nursing Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic; and FAQs for Nursing Students about Practice/Academic Partnerships During the COVID-19 Pandemic


US Dept of Education "Guidance for interruptions of study related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)"


COVID-19 Correspondence to ACEN-Accredited Nursing Programs


INACSL & SSH Position Statement on Use of Virtual Simulation during the Pandemic


See above "NCSBN Updates" for guidance from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

General Resources


ANA's All-New COVID-19 Resource Center

ANA has expanded their COVID-19 Resource Center. This digital resource pulls together information from trusted sources such as the CDC and highlights clinical information, ethical considerations, and features the COVID-19 work that ANA is doing. 

Here you can:

ANA is making weekly updates and continues to advocate for clear, evidence-based guidelines and resources to ensure our nation's registered nurses can safely and effectively respond to COVID-19 and protect the public. Visit the new site today!

Well-Being Initiative: Virtual Tools to Support Nurses' Mental Health
Every day, you and your colleagues show up on the frontlines to care for others under unprecedented conditions. The American Nurses Foundation recognizes the extraordinary stresses you face. To help, we've partnered with the nation's leading nursing organizations to develop comprehensive, online resources to support your mental health and well-being 

Virtual Support System

Nurses Together, peer-to-peer phone calls scheduled throughout the 24-hour day and offered 7 days a week to provide you with a safe space to openly share experiences and best practices with your colleagues. Learn more and register here.

The Happy app "warm line" offering round-the-clock access to a trained Support Giver. Learn how to access the app here.

Narrative Expressive Writing, process your experiences related to COVID-19 in writing with this five-week guided narrative writing program. You will be invited to respond anonymously to weekly prompts which will be reviewed and responded to by trained professionals. Capacity in this pilot initiative is limited, sign up to participate here. 

Digital Toolkit
The Moodfit app that enables you to set your own goals using best-practice methods such as mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises, lifestyle tracking (sleeping and nutrition) and set up custom reminders at times that are appropriate for you. Access the app and user code here.
Join nurses around the country taking part in The Well-Being Initiative. Created in partnership with the American Nurses Association, the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, the Emergency Nurses Association, and the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses.

OADN is an Organizational Affiliate of the American Nurses Association


Johns Hopkins University & Medicine Coronavirus Resource Center


Directory of Local Health Departments


State of Washington - Dept of Health Coronavirus Landing Page


The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) workgroup has created an outstanding Social Distancing Guide


Argentum, the nation's largest senior living association, has developed a comprehensive COVID-19 landing page for individuls and families with loved ones living in longterm care and assisted living facilities.


Supporting Communication with COVID-19 Patients who have Difficulty Speaking - by Patient Provider Communcations


National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine's Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) News and Resources


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


World Health Organization (WHO)